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Birding 101

Curious about what birds live in your urban area? Want to learn how to identify birds and conduct bird plot point counts? Then this workshop is for you. Workshop is available to indiviudals and groups of up to 12 participants. Ideal age range (12-30)

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Ever wonder about the waterways and creeks in your urban area? Want to learn how to restore urban streams? This workshop will walk you through in-stream sampling and riparian sampling. Workshop available to groups of up to 15 participants. Ideal age range (12-30)

Urban Predators 101

Want to learn how to spot, track, and research urban populations of predators? Curious about how you can co-exist with coyotes, raccoons and skunks? This workshop focuses on the use of ecological field survey methods and wildlife cameras to monitor urban predators. Available to individuals or groups of up to 15 participants. This workshop is open to all ages

Soil Regeneration 101

Ever wonder what is living in the soil beneath your feet? What about the underground network of mushrooms that allow plants to communicate with each other? If your are curious about soil types, mushrooms or animals that live in soil, this workshop is for you. Available to groups of up to 20 participants. This workshop is open to all ages



Custom Workshops Available

Have an idea for a workshop? Want to combine existing offerings? Whatever your vision is, we can certainly make it happen. Be it virtual, or in-person, inquire today to find out how Zoboomafoolish Co. can accommodate your needs.

Decolonize Your Conservation

This seminar  is about the intersections of conservation, white supremacy, colonialism, and environmental racism. Topics discussed include: National Parks, Urban greenspace development, ENGOs and Food Inequality.


Effective Communication Strategies for Climate Activists
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This seminar is all about effective strategies to communicate climate news, climate stories and climate actions. This seminar is ideal for youth and young adults entering into the environmental sector and who may feel overwhelmed by the scale of the work they will be engaging with.  Topics covered include: Communicating for Different Audiences, Managing Climate Anxiety, and, Communicating Across Social Media.

Intro to Queer Ecology


This seminar covers a variety of examples from the world of queer wildlife. This seminar showcases how queer theory and identities shape and inform the science we can conduct. This seminar will highlight exactly how natural being queer really is. Topics covered include: Trans Animals, Non-binary Animals, Gay and Lesbian Animals as well as Queer forms of reproduction. 

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