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Intro To Birding

Curious about what birds live in your urban area? Have you ever seen a bird and wondered where it comes from? Want to learn how to identify birds? Then this workshop is for you. This workshop is adaptable for different age groups and coveres a variety of topics including: 

Sound Mapping                          Bird Identification Techniques                                 

Urban Bird Ecology                    Tools and Technology Used For Birding

Queer Ecology of Birds              Bird Plot Point Counts 

and MORE!


This workshop is all ages!  

Recommended Group Size  6-12 .


Discovering Aquatic Animals in Cities 

Curious about what lurks below the surface of your local creek? Have you ever seen a salmon run through a city? What lives inside the water? Answer these questions and more by joining our urban waterways and streams 101 workshop. This workshop provides you with a hands-on, wet and wild opportunities to learn about urban waterways and includes a variety of experiences ranging from: 


Surber Sampling 

Riparian Vegetation Identification

Stream Assessments

Stream Feature Mapping

and MORE!

This workshop is ideal for ages 12 and up 

Recommended Group Size 5-10


Co-existing With Predators (Oh My!)

Have you heard about coyotes living in cities? Have you ever seen a raccoon getting into your trash? Why do skunks spray dogs? You can answer these questions and more after taking this program. Learn about the predators most commonly found in Canada's largest cities. This program focuses on the ecology, behavior and evolution of coyotes, foxes, black bears, raccoons, skunks and opossums. We introduce:

History of Canadian Predators                            Tracking Wildlife in Cities                             

The Evolution of Urban Predators                      Monitoring Technology   

Co-existing tools and tips                                    Wildlife communication strategies

and MORE!


This workshop is ideal for ages 12 and up 

Recommended Group size 10-20

The Power of Plants

There are a variety of uses for the plants you see all around. Whether they are from your local garden, park, or grocery store, plants have a variety of gifts to offer. Have you ever wanted to create herbal teas, or understand how unique natural dyes are made? Well look no further because this workshop explores the expansive and wonderous power of plants. This workshop is very hands-on with a lot of opportunity for creativity. You will learn how to:


press plant specimens 

create your own herbal tea mixes

 discover plants used to create colorful dyes

plant identification techniques

 reproduction of a variety of plant species


and MORE! 

This workshop is ideal for ages 4 and up

Recommended Group Size 5-10



Decolonizing Conservation 101

This workshop/ seminar introduces and explains the intersections between modern conservation approaches and the connections to: white supremacy, colonialism, and environmental racism.  This seminar focuses primarily on the creation of National Parks, the development of urban greenspace, the shortcomings of ENGO,  and Food Inequality.


This workshop is ideal for ages 14 and up 

Maximum Group Size 25

Effective Communication Strategies for Climate Activists 101

This seminar is all about effective strategies to communicate climate news, climate stories and climate actions. This seminar is ideal for youth and young adults entering into the environmental sector and who may feel overwhelmed by the scale of the work they will be engaging with.  Topics covered include:

Communicating for Different Audiences

Managing Climate Anxiety 

Communicating Across Social Media.

and MORE!


This workshop is ideal for ages 14 and up 

Maximum Group Size 25

Intro to Queer Ecology 101

This seminar covers a variety of examples from the world of queer wildlife. This seminar showcases how queer theory and identities shape and inform the science we can conduct. This seminar will highlight exactly how natural being queer really is. Topics covered include:

Trans Animals                                Non-binary Animals

Gay and Lesbian Animals             Queer forms of reproduction

Gay and Bisexual Parenting

and MORE!

This workshop is ideal for ages 6 and up 

Maximum Group Size 25

In Development

Trees Of British Columbia: SPRING 2024

Soil Regeneration 101 : SPRING 2024

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